Judith Poole – New Year’s Ponderings: Love, Grief & Family

Hi there, My name is Judith Poole. My family lives in Montana, the land of beauty and a big sky. I’ve been married to my Mr. Right for 15 years. We’ve been abundantly blessed with 6 beautiful children.

Our first born passed after a two year battle with cancer. We miss him with every beat of our heart. As a family we have purposed to never take life for granted, to look for ways to bring joy to others, to live like there is no tomorrow. We look forward, keenly, to the day our family is complete again.

My husband owns a construction company. I work from home sharing my passion for health. Our door is always open. The coffee is hot and plentiful.

things we love

  • Camping

  • Dirt biking

  • Travel

  • Making delicious food

  • Good books

  • Rain

  • Candles

  • Singing together

“The views and opinions expressed during an interview on this podcast are those of the guest speaker and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or position of the Women for His Honor Podcast Team.The stories shared on this podcast are stories of a journey, a life still growing. God continues to call each one of us to Himself and refines our hearts as we submit to Him. We encourage each of you to take the stories and lessons shared in these podcast episodes to scripture and to seek out the truth like the Bereans did in Acts 17:11.” 

3 comments on Judith Poole – New Year’s Ponderings: Love, Grief & Family

  1. Joanna Moir says:

    This made me weep buckets! But I am very encouraged to keep trusting in God’s sovereignty and the beautiful constancy of Jesus! Thank you for sharing, Judith! And blessings to you, Shannon & the rest of your team as you continue to work behind the scenes!

  2. Sharon Driedger says:

    Your Story always make me so sad for you! You’ve gone through so much and you’re so brave! I love your courage and how you enjoy the little things of life!

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