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I have a suggestion for a topic for the podcast, how do I submit it?

We do schedule our podcasts several months in advance, but love to hear what our listeners are interested in. Please check our archives to see if we have covered the topic, and if not, feel free to share the idea with us!

Do you take submissions for guests for the show?

As we schedule in advance and try to reach a broad audience, our interviews are by request of the Women for His Honor team and we do not take unsolicited requests. If for some reason, this changes, we will reach out and ask for willing guests.

How often do you produce a podcast episode?

We schedule our podcasts for every three weeks.

What other podcasts do you recommend?

The world of podcasts is vast, and there are so many different ones out there for all variety of topics and audiences! We have a list of podcasts we recommend in our resources section. Browse through and find some new encouragement!
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