Rhonda Yoder Schrock’s Giveaway

“This girl runs on caffeine and grace.”

Rhonda says this is “how she rolls,” and she figures you do, too. She’d like to help with both.

Leave her a comment and tell her what’s in your own cup that gladdens and strengthens your heart, starting your day off just right. While she can’t furnish you with her favorite place in the world to caffeinate (the beloved *BOS), she figures she can slip you a little joy through the mail. 

*BOS – Bright Orange Swing

58 comments on Rhonda Yoder Schrock’s Giveaway

  1. Ruth Burkholder says:

    The joy of the Lord is my strength… That’s what gets me thru each day, plus a cup of Jamaica me crazy coffee ?

    1. Rhonda Schrock says:

      Hi, Ruth. Jesus and java–a winning combo! 🙂

      1. Rhonda Schrock says:

        I actually am not fond of chocolate. But I’m fond of other girls, even those who love chocolate. That said, I shall head for the Witness Protection program immediately. Good luck!

  2. Linda says:

    Hot chocolate. Because. ?

  3. Leah Slabaugh says:

    All for His glory!! And caffeine, of course ☺️

    1. Rhonda Schrock says:

      Moms of boys need extra, I think. Of both grace AND caffeine. #laffing

  4. comedyheirs says:

    I love starting my day off with R and Roasters coffee, HEB Texas Pecan or Starbucks blonde veranda blend. Actually, I’ll drink pretty much anything that’s java!

    1. Rhonda Schrock says:

      That Texas Pecan sounds great! One more reason why I like you.

  5. Lovina says:

    I love the mug!’ This girl runs on Caffeine and grace’… and Keto coffee!!

  6. Sharon says:

    I love coffee ☕️

  7. Kathleen Yoder says:

    I like my joe hot with just a touch of French Vanilla. If I can ‘afford’ the calories I like Southern Butter Pecan creamer☕️

  8. Nora Kemp says:

    Hemisphere coffee, Jamaican Me Crazy, is what you find most often in my cup.

  9. Luceets says:

    I love a dark roast to start my day!

  10. I love flavored coffee…butter toffee…with cream…but right now I’ve been drinking tea..love salted caramel chai with almond milk!!

  11. Tina Miller says:

    Black coffee with and ice cube! A granola bar and a heated rice pack around my neck as I read a chapter from my bible at the kitchen table. Yep, that’s how I start my day.

  12. Dorothy says:

    COFFEE because tiny humans. ? when they help me get a good nights sleep a plain Folgers Colombian roast will suffice. But there are days when a Starbucks run for a Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte is the only option. ?

  13. Carrie Cross says:

    Nothing beats sitting down with a cup of smooth dark Columbian… unless it’s paired with decadent biscotti from a friend. But lets be real here- my coffee’s usually cold before I get a chance to savor it in this season of life! Loved your column, by the way ? I grew up reading The Goshen News.

  14. Dorcas L. Miller says:

    Starbucks House Blend with the Psalms and other scripture! I keep my mind above the shadows that way and my body awake!

  15. Sarah yoder says:

    Getting up before everyone else,while the house is still quite, and getting to spend time with Jesus. It also means coffee with peace and quiet?

  16. Rachel says:

    I have my time in thr Word and a Chai tea or Honduran coffee raised by my uncle!!! ??

  17. Martha says:

    A good cup of coffee is always in order!! ?

  18. Karen Rhodes says:

    Coffee in the mornings, always, everyday!

  19. I start my mornings with a big cup of THM Mocha Cappuccino… although my sweet little girl drinks half of it before I get to it. ?

  20. Kim says:

    I tried to comment on the link and I couldn’t for some reason, maybe this is good enough. I love Jesus and a good cup of coffee with collagen and real cream!

  21. Jolene Miller says:

    I have my own coffee pot in my classroom and like to drink coffee while I finish last minute things for the day.

  22. Faith Yoder says:

    Boyers has a Kona blend that is delightful!

  23. Jessica says:

    Gratitude. It solves a lot of world problems 🙂

  24. Cindy Yoder says:

    Love starting my day with a hot cup of coffee!☕??

  25. Sharon Driedger says:

    A good strong cup of coffee is a great start to any day!?

    1. Rhonda Schrock says:


  26. Amber says:

    Bkack Donut Shop coffee.

  27. Abigail miller says:

    I love my coffee!! ☕️

  28. Christa R says:

    I love a good cup of coffee but this morning I had my favorite pink drink.

  29. Victoria Massey says:

    My hubby makes me a cup of delicious, french press coffee pretty much every morning! I like it black 🙂

  30. Sara Penner says:

    Coffee all day long????

  31. Bonnie Schaffer says:

    Would love to meet you at Main Street this summer when I’m home and share some coffee and Jesus time together

  32. Shondra says:

    Flavored coffee or tea!

  33. Kristin says:

    A brown sugar white chocolate latte from my espresso machine! ?

  34. Sherri Graber says:

    I’m a Mississippi girl so I usually ditch the mug & grab a jar of sweet tea. 🙂

  35. Rachelle Miller says:

    We just moved from IN to FL and have started getting a local roast (#supportlocal! ?), but I LOVED Main Str. Coffee and their Jamaica me crazy.

  36. Rhoda Martin says:

    Hot hot coffee with a little sugar

  37. Susan Yoder says:

    I like a good cup of coffee or a latte to start my day off with ☺

  38. Christy says:

    I love to do coffee and hot chocolate together and its a good thing to have with personal devotions or talking with a friend.

  39. Marian says:

    A hot cup of coffee is a wonderful way to get my day started!

  40. Tamara Bontrager says:

    A good cup of Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee or a Chai Tea

  41. Jarica Ropp says:

    Fresh ground coffee with white chocolate mocha creamer and a dallop of whipped topping.

  42. Gina Miller says:

    A good latte (with hubby’s latte art) makes any day better for me ☕

  43. Lisa says:

    I LOVE a cup of vanilla chai! With just a little espresso, some cream and sugar. A-mazing!

  44. Lynda England says:

    Prayer that God will order my day; and some very strong darkroast coffee, nothing added.

  45. Emma says:

    I just love a good strong cup of coffee!! Coffee and Grace get me thru every day!

  46. Rhonda Byler says:

    I Love a cup of good coffee …. add a little whipped cream and ?. I do like adding caramel or white chocolate some too! ??

  47. Jeanie says:

    I love having my husband around mornings! And often he makes breakfast! 😉 He doesn’t have to leave for work till 9:00. That makes my day!
    And definitely quiet time with God.

  48. Dorothy says:

    A good cup of coffee. Have lots of variety at out house. Like Tim Horton’s a lot and Jamaica Me Crazy.

  49. Julie Riemenschneider says:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee, with cream. ?

  50. Starla Latimer says:

    is there anything OTHER than rich delectable strong black coffee to put in a cup…especially a NEW coffee mug???? I have a praise…my oldest, has been searching and questioning his own PERSONAL relationship with the Father and about 3 months ago we started to have coffee (and he is a new coffee drinker?) and chats on our porch every Friday morning. anyway, life has just been a struggle with some personal disappointments lately and that oldest kid has been sending ME daily scripture and encouraging words! ???

  51. Dorcas Miller says:

    Little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!

  52. Jamie Eggers says:

    Definitely grace! I rarely get out of bed before opening my Bible app and reading the verse of the day. It always reminds me to be thankful and to lay my day before Him, intentionally choosing His ways and plans over mine. ?

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