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My name is Sherri Graber and I am married to Jeff Graber.  I fell in love at fifteen and married at eighteen. We have been married for twelve years and are raising our three children in Mississippi where we were both born and raised. Our children are our biggest blessing and we strive daily to care for their hearts and point them to Christ.

I am a homeschooling Mama so I am kept busy with teaching them and running them to their extracurricular activities which include soccer and choir. Jeff is a diesel mechanic and works from a shop in our backyard.

My hobbies include anything artsy; painting, sewing, small reupholstering projects, etc. I also love repurposing things and when I have the time, you will find me turning pallets into clocks, sweaters into pillows and old barn boards into shelves.

I hope this podcast can be an encouragement to other Mothers who are going through similar situations and most of all bring honor and glory to Jesus.


One of my favorite things to do is sit and paint. This is a Christian-stay-at-home mom whose art I absolutely love that I would like to introduce to you:

HedgehogNHare Etsy Shop

I’m offering a little giveaway to this shop. For more details click on the Giveaway page here on our Women For His Honor Website and be sure to check Facebook on April 12th when the winner is announced!

Just click on the highlighted word and it will take you directly to the website I have suggested.

The one is the National Jewish Health website. I got a lot of ideas and suggestions off of their website.

Allergy testing is something I highly recommend.
Another one is Dr Richard Aron. I did not find out about him until we were through our eczema journey but he’s been extremely helpful to many people with eczema. He is actually from another country but he consults with his patients via internet so a lot of people from all around the world have found help through him.

The Merry Clinic is another website that I used. I had mentioned the herbs that I used that were formulated specifically for children with eczema and this is the company that I ordered them from. So I will put links to more things on the blog if you want to check over there for the rest of the things that we used.

I used Metagenics brand of Probiotics but I know there are many good brands out there. I would just make sure that whatever you use is free of dairy.

Aloe vera juice.

Digestive enzymes.

Cod liver oil

The shirts that I made for Campbell were similar to these that are called “Scratch Sleeves”. They really are helpful for protecting your child’s skin while they’re sleeping.

The Eczema Company has a lot of clothes, lotions & products that look helpful. I haven’t actually used them myself but it is a good website for ideas & guidance.

One thing that I’ve found very helpful for eczema is diaper cream with zinc oxide in it. Desitin has one that is 40% zinc oxide but there are others that have it, too.

Wet wraps can be helpful to eczema. But like everything else I’ve recommended, please consult with your doctor first.



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  1. Charlotte Overholt says:

    Thanks for sharing Sherri! So interesting to hear your story!

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